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Rocks & MoreYou’d be surprised at just how many rock fans there are in the world. Located just a short walk north of Grand Canyon Inn & Motel, this rock collectors shop is designed with these people in mind. This cozy little gift store is perfect for mineral and rock collectors both young and old. It also offers Mobil™ gasoline so you can gas up while looking at one-of-a-kind rocks and gifts.

As Much a Museum as a Gift Shop

You wouldn’t be wrong thinking that you had just walked into a rock museum when you visit our rock collector shop. Customers can easily spend hours just looking around at all of the special minerals and items we have for sale. You can also go outside and spend some time looking at the collection of classic tractors we have on display.             Rocks & MoreAwesomely decorated as a western town, our rock collector shop is just another exciting site to visit when you are on your way to the Grand Canyon. Our owner takes great pride in giving tourists and other visitors the perfect atmosphere to create life-long memories. Contact us in Valle, Arizona, to learn more about the different minerals, rocks, and stones we have available at our rock collector shop. Mineral fans from across the country know they can find some truly unique items at our store.

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Quartz Crystals


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