Drinking Water in the Cross-Canyon Corridor


Purified drinking water is usually available year-round at Bright Angel and Indian Garden Campgrounds and at Bright Angel and South Kaibab trailheads.

Seasonal water stations are usually turned off for the winter sometime between October 10th and 30th depending on location and associated temperatures.

Water available (year round) on the South Rim at the Backcountry Information Center in the lobby.  Water available (year-round) on the North Rim outside the Backcountry Information Center.  Additional water bottle filling stations can be found on the Go “Green” and Refill Your Water Bottles web page.

Plan Ahead and Prepare:  A backup method to treat water, should the pipeline break, must always be included as part of your first aid kit.  Backcountry hikers should always carry extra water.

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