Trails Update

2012-10-Field-Inst-banner-1Bright Angel Trail is snowpacked and ice to 3-mile Resthouse.

South Kaibab Trail is snowpacked and icy to Skeleton Point.

North Kaibab Trail has about 20 inches of hardpack/settled snow extending from the trailhead to near Roaring Springs.  The trail has been hiked and packed sufficiently so that no snowshoes or post hole-ing on the trail is required.  However, because the snow is so packed, there is a greater slipping danger.  Traction devices are highly recommended.  (Be aware the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is currently closed to vehicle access.)

Access to Bill Hall / Thunder River Trails is currently okay, however we recommend hikers check on road conditions prior to their hike.

North Bass Trailhead and Point Sublime are usually not accessible by car until late May / early June, in a heavy snow year access may be even later.

During this time of year expect trails to be snow-packed and icy.  Over-the-shoe traction devices are strongly recommended and available for purchase at various locations in the park (including at the Backcountry Information Center).

It is not uncommon for Hermit Road (access to Hermit and Boucher trails) and Desert View Drive (access to Grandview, New Hance, and Tanner Trails ) to close intermittently throughout the winter due to ice on the road.  Call 928-638-7496 for updated road conditions.  Finally, remember to have extra supplies in your vehicle in the unlikely event that roads are closed or snowed in when you hike out.  If in doubt, back out.  Be safe, plan accordingly, and enjoy your winter hike.

Hikers without a permit can stop by the Backcountry Information Center to request a last minute permit.  Last minute permits and waitlist numbers are issued by the Backcountry Information Center, located inside the park on the South Rim.  The South Rim Backcountry Information Center is open daily, year round, for walk-in visitors from 8am to noon, and 1-5pm Mountain Standard Time.

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